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Training and social and economic inclusion of people with disabilities

E3:  Ethno Eco Emporwerment

Nov 6 of 2018, an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901 was founded among the members of these statutes.

The association takes the following name: Ethno Eco Empowerment under the initial name of E3

The objective of this association is to carry out in France and abroad actions of general interest, strategies for sustainable, social, ethical, environmental, economic and cultural development that are in line with the respect and dissemination of the ISO 26000 standard. In order to achieve the aforementioned object, the E3 association may organize and/or carry out economic activities that contribute to its financing.



The IMA Foundation was born as a project in 2016, with the name of Be Just, by 2020 it will become the IMA Foundation. IMA means mommy in ancient Hebrew.

Non-profit organization incorporated in Ecuador under the Ministry of Social Inclusion.

Our objective;Develop productive projects for people with disabilities, through the strengthening of their skills and the construction of tools or spaces for economic development.

We managed to be the first organization in Ecuador to professionally certify people with intellectual disabilities in Ecuador, earning the recognition of the Ministry of Tourism, SETEC and the Presidency of the Republic.

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The IMA foundation and the E3 association are part of a large project called MUNAY (Quechua: absolute and unconditional love for one's neighbor), with other local partners. A life project to support parents of children or people with disabilities, from early childhood to social and economic independence.

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Crowdfunding: Employment for people with disabilities

The project that we want to carry out with the IMA Foundation is the creation of a cafeteria restaurant that employs people with disabilities and vulnerable women in the city of Quito.

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